Home Studio Of A Famous Rock And Roll Band

The vocalist of a prominent Taiwanese rock band has moved to his new place. In his place, he designed a special recording studio where he produces or arranges music.

He chose Headquarter™ workstation to fit in his home studio. It has a maximum height of 158*80 on three different desktops and a separate midi keyboard desk. With these settings and functions, the vocalist can change his instruments more easily. The highest desktop will be at the same height as the chair sitter's vision. Therefore, it is excellent for a studio monitor and your sitting posture will match ergonomics. You can also put your studio monitors on the highest desktops, and the speaker can aim at your ears, thus creating a golden triangle.

The chair he chose was Voyager II™. With a high back design, Voyager II™ gave computer users solid support. More than that, 3D rotatable armrests can switch to support mode or guitar using mode. It is more than convenient!

The Best Combination For Home Music Studios!



Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Room size

1779.2 square ft.



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