Mega Force Studio

As a well-known recording studio in Taiwan, Mega Force Studio is crowded all the time. More specifically, many renowned worldwide music producers and people who work at production companies will spend all day making music here.

Hence, it is more than significant to pick decent chairs.

The high comfortable back of the chair, Voyager II, can give you full back support. The great elasticity of the mesh won't exhaust you while you sit there for the whole day— extremely important for professional music producers who need to concentrate on working for long hours per day.


The whole piece of the chair can adjust at will; the tilt angle of the chair back, the height of the headrest, the rotation angle of the armrest are adjustable. Since Mega Force Studio is a commercial recording studio, countless musicians and customers will be walking around. The high flexibility and mobility of Voyager II will contain the function most people have demanded!


Furthermore, Voyager II has a pair of 3D armrests and a unique design of pocket for picks. Musicians that need to use their musical instruments can rotate the armrest that often gets the instruments stuck into a lower position. The studio chair will be converted into a musician performance chair! More than that, you can put your picks in the pocket especially for picks on the side of the mesh, and that function makes sure you don't lose your picks anymore!


Without doubts, Voyager II is a must-have for professional musicians!



Taipei, Taiwan

Room size

7118.00 square ft.



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