Taipei American School

Taipei American School has long been known for offering students multiple opportunities to develop interests in various fields, including professional courses such as recording, mixing, production, and composing.

To ensure their students learn in a comfortable and professional environment, Taipei American School came to Wavebone for solutions to the music classroom. With Headquarter Workstation and Eagle ergonomic chair from Backbone, Wavebone helps bring this classroom to the next level, enabling students to learn with a correct posture.

Each Headquarter goes with two chairs, also enabling discussion and interaction. The vast workspace of Headquarter™ can take 88keys, a MIDI keyboard, desktop, and a pair of speakers!


Headquarter's three separate workspaces can also let students place their gears accurately right in the location they like. After placing keyboards, laptops, and mixers, there’s still plenty of space for students to take notes or discuss!

Wavebone helps upgrades not only the whole studio and classroom but your learning experience!



Taipei, Taiwan

Room size

533.85 square ft.



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