Liv Studio

As a composer who does professional recording, producing at home, Liv certainly makes excellent use of her home studio, with the help of Headquarter™ Studio Workstation.


After placing a dual monitor stand, there’re still plenty of spaces for small stuff such as pencil holders, picks, etc. Liv chose to create additional storage spaces for various interfaces with three small table boards without inserting a single rackmount. The cables of these gears can also pass through the grommet, leaving an organized and tidy desktop for Liv’s laptop, iPad. Not to mention the sturdy keyboard stand that fits perfectly to her Studiologic SL88 GRAND!


The Voyager I™ chair is also the best partner that backs up Liv’s masterpiece. The strong support can help her get through a long time of work and still be refreshed!


Headquarter™  Workstation + Voyager™ Studio Chair is definitely the best home studio setup that can help you speed up your workflow.


Taipei, Taiwan

Room size

3.08 square ft.



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