KTOne Studio

In 2016, KTOne was founded in London by Chien Tai, the studio's art director. Three years later, Chien founded KTOne Taipei office with music director, Juliana, to specialize in soundtrack arrangement for movies and commercials in every kind of genre, from classic orchestra to pop R&B.


Two Headquarter™ are featured in KTOne Studio. Chien has the 27-inch monitor and a pair of JBL 5.5-inch speakers placed on the shelf. On the large workspace are 13” Macbook Pro, other hardwares, and Scarlett 2i2 interface. The keyboard desk is carrying Chien’s M-Audio 88 keys.

Chien Tai also plays drums in the orchestra. Furthermore, he always needs a vast desk workspace for multi-tasking. Therefore, the Headquarter™ certainly helps a lot on that!


“The monitor shelf really helps me relax my neck after all day mixing. The generous space also keeps my interfaces, headphone and laptop in order and remain an organized and cozy studio!”


Taipei, Taiwan

Room size

23.14 square ft.



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