Flying V Witch Studio

Webber, the owner of Flying V Witch Studio, is an information engineer, product designer, guitarist, and collector all rolled into one. He built the studio in his own house. To match with the interior design style, Webber chose Headquarter with a classic wood top, presenting integrity in the space. Let’s take a look at the setup of  Flying V Witch Studio!

The keyboard and mouse are placed on the movable KB desk. With the ergonomic design, you can pull out and push in your devices whenever you want. The main desktop is a place for drum pad, mixer, and laptop, and the versatile rack spaces are rooms for racks and other accessories. People can easily set a headphone stand, a 27-inch monitor, and a pair of Genelec 8010A monitor speakers on the upper shelf.

Spending lots of time working in the studio, Webber has the premium ergonomic studio chair- Voyager II. The adjustable headrest makes Voyager II another indispensable partner to accompany the talented artists in their daily work.


What an eye-catching setup in Flying V Witch Studio! Webber has taken advantage of every features that Headquarter™ brings, forming an organized and ergonomic studio working environment. Get yours now!


Changhua, Taiwan

Room size

356 square ft.



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