Headquarter™ Workstation

Review with Nick Hsu


More and more professional musicians set up their own studio at home recently. They want everything positioned in their way. Is there such a product that can meet the needs?

Headquarter™ Workstation is designed by Wavebone’s professional industrial design team. After hours consulting with musicians and undergoing times of revision, Headquarter™ Workstation has finally hit the market! Today, A&R of Linfair Records--Nick, is going to try it out for you!


“ My philosophy toward work is to get music into my life.” said Nick. 

“ Collective creating is prevailing nowadays, so it requires a comfortable environment for people working together. Headquarter™ has enough space for one person to play the guitar and the other records music at the same time. Also, it is suitable for recreational use, like playing video games and watching movies." 


In this way, Headquarter™ is not only a working desk, it is more like a  recreation center/entertainment space at home.


“The design of  Headquarter™ is quite down-to-earth. Headquarter will not disturb the original style of your house, but create a decent and elegant atmosphere.” 


Nick mentioned that when he was working in the U.S., he could only use ready-made office desks, but there was always something unsatisfactory. The design team of Headquarter™ spends lots of time visiting musicians and figuring out the crucial factor of an ideal workstation, making the final version of Headquarter™ a satisfying home studio furniture.


When a dual monitor task is required, you don’t have to place two screens side by side. Just put your monitor on the uplifted shelf and your laptop on the desktop.There’s plenty of room left for speakers and other decors. With a movable and height-adjustable KB desk, Headquarter™ also provides an appropriate distance between you and screen. At the same time, the constant height level between your head and the shelf ensures you a correct posture while working and also forms a golden triangle between your ears and speakers for the best audio experience.


“I’m impressed with the design of the removable modularized table board. If you don’t have racks or other equipment, the spaces can be used for storage. I like the additional spaces under racks for the wires.The angled rack space is also an ergonomic design.”


“ In the past, if you wanted to accommodate a keyboard and laptop at the same time, you could only choose a deep desk. But the distance between you and the computer screen is very far. I found that my shoulders and neck get stiff after sitting in front of the table for a long time. The movable KB desk allows me to use the keyboard and computer easily.”

Besides professional equipment and instruments, comfortable furniture also plays an important role in your home studio. Headquarter™ saves you from the risk of buying an unsuitable desk. The ergonomic design workstation is especially for musicians, it can meet all your needs at once! Solid but easy to assemble and install, Headquarter™  also has a five-year warranty.


Headquarter™ has everything you need for recording, mixing or composing, without compromising the look and your posture. If you want to find your dream set-up, we will be happy to help, and company you all the way to the top.