Wavebone® Voyager I™ Studio Chair

Nowadays musicians and players spend tons of hour recording in their own house or studio. Recording contains various works, you will need to record your track, do the adjustment on the interface and try different effects and sounds, all at same time. Will you be more productive if you got a cozy and comfortable environment in your studio?

Except for your instruments and recording gears, the chair that you’re always sitting on also plays a big part in your recording space, since the size and the texture of the seat can be decisive when it comes to comfortability of your workspace. This time, joined by various players in music industry, Ysolife is about to take a peek in Wavebone® ergonomic recording workspace and experience the professional ergonomic studio chair.

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“Originates in Taiwan”— Wavebone® Studio Furniture

Wavebone® is a studio furniture brand under The Backbone® Furniture Group, who has over 30 years experience on furnitures design and manufacture. Composed of Industrial designers, physical therapists and recording engineers, Wavebone is able to incorporate ergonomic design, acoustics analysis, knowledge in physical therapy and experience on recording engineer to bring out outstanding ergonomic studio furnitures.

“We aim at becoming the perfect support in people’s daily life and workplace, that’s why we’re named Backbone®. The supportness and comfortability are top prioritized to realize our goal.” Leo, the marketing director of Backbone® and Wavebone®, told us. Before Backbone® was established as a design center in 2016, the group core members had already contributed in global OEM/ODM services for 30 years. Combining with the design concept of the younger age, Backbone restart with a more complete team.

To meet the needs of home recording, Wavebone® takes the challenge on inventing a chair that is comfortable for long sit and to avoid interference of armrests when playing. Therefore, Voyager I™ is born especially for musicians.

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3D rotatable armrests meets the need of recording with its spinable and height adjustable function.

Wavebone® chairs are highly customized. Customers can choose from seat mesh, seat size, colors to armrests on their own preference. Far before we know them, there’re already several musicians and guitarists customized their own chair with Wavebone®.

Players needs to hold the instruments for long time, yet simultaneously they also need to record the track. During this chaos, armrests that can do height adjustment is certainly a thoughtful design. Adjust the armrest to the same level with your work table to have your arms horizontally placed can easily help you reduce the pressure.

Furthermore, what makes this chair different is the storage space behind, which allows you to put cables and music sheets in place and prevent the workspace from being messy.

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The seat height and headrest angle are also adjustable to best support our body.
Except for the spinable armrests, studio chair should also be supportive on the back and the legs. To do a more practical test, we sat on Voyager I with a guitar. When we lean to the seat back, our body can be fully supported and the seat is thick enough to support our legs despite the additional weight of guitar.


Offering relaxation for long time practice.
Musicians craves for entire rest and relaxation on charis after long time practice and recording. Voyager I™ adopts not only the low back design for a clear visual experience in your studio but also the NylonFlex® high elasticity mesh to give musicians a breathable, supporting and relaxing seat.


Wavebone®-Voyager I™ “Everyone can build their own home studio”

Wavebone® debuts with ergonomic chairs, studio tables and every kinds of studio furnitures, aiming at becoming a strong assistance for musicians.

For home recording or professional music producers, the adjustable headrest and supports given by the seat back are really the strengths of Wavebone® chairs. Also, considering the weight of instruments or for some strong and huge people, a thicker seat and seat back would be needed to remain the best support for every kinds of body shape. Wavebone® can definitely satisfied all of these needs by diverse options of custimization.

Need a studio chair that best fits you? get a reservation at Wavebone® store to experience and custimize your own chair! Wavebone® has got everything you need.